1. Program

Written with the opinions kind on the site or on the phone. The administrator specifies which kind of staircase you are considering, its dimensions and going through resources. Possible leaving of the measurer for the thing.

2. Signing the agreement

It explained all the terms and stages of work, you can find drawings and ideas for your construction of your stairs.

All things considered job has become finished in whole conformity with the contractual obligations, the individual pays the whole charge. It should be observed that after the signing from the contract during this process of work, the cost is guaranteed to not transform, no matter the value dynamics. According to the project of each – only after planning they begin to lay the foundation and implement, to begin with, an individual drawing is drawn up.

3. Formwork

Professionals pick the right form of formwork for every order. It is going to have geometric styles which provide quality and strength. The monolithic structure, erected by specialists, will make sure the reliability and durability from the finished staircase.

4. Steel frame

We strengthen stairs with wire or steel fine mesh. This will likely safeguard the structure from exploitation when it is subjected to large loads.

5. Pouring concrete

Our company uses high quality brand names that can be used as a long services daily life.

6. Delivery of the item

Once the cement has hardened, we carry out extra doing and hand over the thing to the buyer.


Concrete stairs have higher durability and reliability.

They are certainly not fearful of the impact of exterior factors, as a result they may be installed outside and inside the room.

Made for higher plenty.

Stairs are not scared of seismicactivity and humidity, temperature drops.

We produce ergonomic ladders that happen to be comfy for both the older and children.

Jogging in the stairs will not produce any additional noises, shake or squeak.

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