Battle Tested Web Design Guidelines

If you want to make a good first impression, attract people to your site and build your brand well, your website’s design is really important. There are so many different things that will influence the success of your page or site but the design is right up at the top of the list. So what is it that you need to do to ensure that your website design is as great as possible? Have a look at some of the things that you need to remember quite a lot.

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When you’re putting up any files on your site, or graphics or even webpages, make sure you’re using meaningful file names. Doing this is mainly for Google, and while it will not necessarily have a huge impact on your rankings, it will help to some degree. It is important to use the exact primary keyword, usually long tail variety, when naming your files. Do not put the words together with no spaces at all, and the way to write them for the bots is with a hyphen between the words. This is strictly a practice for the benefit of the search bots so they can read them easier. While this all by itself is nothing, really, but it will help your site with ranking ability and better listing in the right category by Google.

Use RSS Auto-Discovery: All websites should have an RSS feed for content and all site owners should make sure that site headers include the auto-discovery code. This makes it easier for the different browsers and RSS readers to automatically find your feed and let people know that they can use it. RSS feeds are a popular way to distribute content to your readers and update them about changes on your site, so adding this small feature to your site will make a big difference.

Websites these days are more about having design around the content, rather than the other way round. A site that makes heavy use of Flash animation always makes us think the designer, or the webmaster, is just trying to impress people. If you want to use Flash, then you have to think about the purpose of the site and who your audience is.

Flash can slow a site down tremendously, so if you are not familiar with speed optimization you should be careful. You may have Flash movies, but then we would suggest you use a different video format, instead. This gives others the option to visit a non-flash page if they’re not in favor of it.

We urge you to continue learning more about website design because knowledge will not hurt you. You will find that proper planning in the beginning with your design will pay off large dividends later on.
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Additional Web Design Elements To Know

Every professional website that’s successful has one thing in common: good web design. It is a simple fact about human nature that there is always one thing that gets noticed right away on a site. Visitors to your website will have some kind of impression within seconds of being on your site. Website design impacts whether or not people will check out your site and maybe buy from you. We will help you to keep your visitors on your site much longer with the following design ideas.

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As you very well may imagine, how you set-up your site navigation is incredibly important. Your approach with planning is instrumental to success because it will give you ample time to design the navigation layout.

There are millions of examples of both good and bad site designs with regard to the navigation design. All of your site visitors will cast their vote on your site as expressed by spending more or less time on the site. Part of the website experience, which obviously must be positive, is that the navigation is simple so that people use it without thinking about it.

Make sure you have RSS Auto-Discovery: If you offer an RSS feed of your website’s content (which you should be doing), be sure that you have an auto-discovery code in your website’s header. This allows different browsers and as well as RSS readers to automatically detect the RSS feed and alert the visitors that it is available. RSS feeds are a wonderful way to alert readers and tell them about any changes that you make on your site; this one little feature can make a major difference in how things run for you.

Using Alternative Domains: to make sure that your brand is as protected and you are as easy to find as possible, register a bunch of different domain names as well as multiple versions and a bunch of different extensions. This is a step that just prevents others from using the available (similar) domain names for themselves. Although it isn’t actually a part of your website’s design, this step can help you protect yourself against losing important visitors. You can simply re-direct all your domain names to your main domain name, which is often done by big companies to protect their brand and increase awareness of their site. For example, don’t just limit yourself to the .com–you need the .org and .net as well so that you’re covered in the three most popular extensions. This can help you limit the amount of competition in the search engines. We think most web designers are never totally happy with their work because they always see things they want to improve upon. But we encourage you to avoid changing things too often because that may lead to your visitors becoming confused.
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