Designing Your Webpages with The End User in Mind

Creating a website is not just about slapping any web design on it and hoping to make the best out of it. You do have to pay particular attention to design elements if the site will be for business activities. We will talk about the more important considerations for website design that must not be ignored.

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Custom 404 Pages: Pretty often you see people typing in the wrong URL or misspelling it, because of which they end up on a 404 Page which gives up the error of page not found. So how do 404 errors connect to the topic of this article, which is designing professional web pages? What makes this important is that your 404 page, at least the default one, is a useless page where your visitors can’t learn/buy/sign up for anything. The simple solution is to create your own 404 page that makes it easy for the visitor to return to your real site. This one step can get you lots of visitors who would have left otherwise, perhaps assuming your site was not active. There’s no one right way to custom design your 404 page; just make it a direct path to your site and you can’t go wrong.

One of the old standards of linking, and still remains, is giving people the ability to back to your homepage.

There are a bunch of different ways to get this done, but it has to be obvious that it is the link back to the main page. You want to give people the ability to quickly “go home” on each and every page. If you lack consistency with link placement, people probably will get the feeling the site is unprofessional. By now it is possibly safe to assume many people will hover on a logo to check for a link.

Another best practices tip is to verify that your design looks as advertised in other browsers. Any type of upgrade or mod, mainly large ones, have the potential to cause problems; so be sure to verify all is still OK. Just be sure to get in the habit of looking at your site even after the smallest change is made. Web design involves lots of factors, some small and some major, but all contributing to the general appearance of the site as a whole, so if you want to make the best possible impression don’t neglect anything.
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