Points It Is Advisable To Be Aware Of What Is A Belcher Chain?

The belcher is one of the classic chains in this area, an easily recognised and iconic piece.

Belcher chains (also called rolos) are often created from a D-shaped wire and cut into oval-shaped links which can be wider compared to they are thick. When pulled, site alternate 180 degrees, giving the chain an antique, timeless look and feel.

The belcher chain came from britain in the 1800s – it’s a classic design which is still current today.

Exactly what does BELCHER MEAN?
There are several stories across the belcher name, many of them related to 19th-century bare-knuckle boxer James Belcher.

The most popular belief is that it was named directly after Belcher. However, another theory could be that the name actually refers to the belcher scarves popularised with the fighter. His scarves were tied which has a ring that is similar to backlinks on belcher chains.

A vintage belcher chain appears thicker than most other styles, so that it is perfect being a standalone bracelet or necklace. You might pair a belcher with thinner chains if you wish to group up.

Belcher chains are also ideal for wearing pendants. If you would like your pendant to square out, think about a thinner belcher making it appear larger.

Beyond that, the belcher chain is great for styling nevertheless, you want. Regardless of whether you prefer making noise or adding a touch of class, the belcher is an excellent and versatile chain.

Deciding on a BELCHER CHAIN
There are various forms of belcher on the market, so locating an ideal chain for you personally is essential.

What colour, size and thickness are you currently after?
Most of belcher chains can be purchased in multiple sizes, depending on how you want yours by sitting. To get a classic belcher chain, we recommend having it sit inside the upper chest region.

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