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Android Market has recently received an update containing trained with a new appearance and layout along with being much easier to use. On this page, I am going to walk you through the whole process of downloading an app with an Android powered smartphone just like the HTC Rhyme.

The Android Market app is provided as standard on all compatible Android smartphones. The app are available in the ‘All Apps’ menu which can be situated on the bottom left from the HTC Rhyme’s homescreen. When you have scrolled from the apps to find the Android Market shortcut (this could even be placed on the homescreen for convenience) simply tap it to start. When opened, the homescreen with the Android Market will appear, presenting promoted content like movies and premium games titles. There are also shortcuts to apps, books and flicks, that readily available for download to the handset.

Tap the apps shortcut, and are taken up the apps homepage where again, promoted apps will likely be displayed. You may then swipe your finger in all directions from to left to be able to see the top paid apps. Continue doing this action and are presented with the very best free apps. From the website you can also swipe from right to left in which you will probably be come to a categories menu, where one can browse apps by category. There are several to choose from and when a person selected, you’ll be able to swipe left or right to view the very best paid, top free and top grossing apps within that category. You’ll be able to scroll down or up to see them so as of popularity, or touch the magnifying glass icon at the top to certainly search for a specific app title or keyword, in places you will be assigned an on screen Qwerty keyboard to input the title of the app you would like.

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