Peshtemal Towels: New, Hot and Trendy multi-use towels, how and where to purchase them large quantities?

Pestemal towel will be the authentic and traditional Turkish small towel that is usually hand woven generating in cotton, linen or from time to time even just in silk. These types of towels can be bought in varied texture, colour, weight as well as designs.

The gap from a normal bathroom towel and Pestemal towel is it is big and will come in almost 70 by 40 inches. Although bigger in dimensions this can be compact and light weight, you can take it along whilst you might be travelling.

They’re created in the textile towns in Turkey, as an example Bursa, Usak etc…. Just like other benefits, this peshtemal towel also allows you to with simple and easy , simple cleaning option. You’ll be able to machine wash this towel and yes it will not take much space with your machine furthermore wash or drying.

Peshtemal towels can also known as Hamam or Hammam towels, Turkish Towels, Pestemal, fouta or kikoy towels. Whatever it is called they’re very cool and useful Wholesale Pestemal USA. You are able to multi-use them as beach towel, small towel, swaddle, yoga or sport towel, home decoration or kitchen towel ..etc….

Peshtemal towels are easy to carry, absorbent and fast dry.

Here is the number 1 question about best places to buy Wholesale Turkish Towels (Pestemal Hammam Towels, peshtemal beach towels) to your retail store maybe online store.

You can find number of online wholesalers selling Peshtemal Turkish towels, nevertheless the trick is that can become your best partner and can be help you better in terms of lasting support, cool product development, quality.

There are numerous famous towel manufacturers in Turkey, Ofer International ( is among the largest Peshtemal Towel manufacturers. Turkish towels come in various colours, designs, along with sizes which may choose between for the respective online shop. There are few designs and quality that are Anatolia Peshtemal, Kasikci Peshtemal and many more which can be soft and cozy. With finest quality products company is satisfied and so order time and again.
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